Testimonial Paula Gale and Angel

On February 6, 2014

1554489_10201227226378580_445786007_nMy name is Paula Gale and I have owned my Quarter horse, Angel for 8 years, I bought her as a baby, but had mainly ridden her in an indoor school as I was not confident in hacking out alone after a fairly serious accident with one of my previous horses, because I always rode alone I had lost my way a bit and gotten into some bad habits which resulted in  a few issues with canter departures and this resulted in me losing the nerve to canter, all in all I had got myself into a position of being happy to ride in the school but always stayed in walk/jog.

Following a fairly big operation last summer,  that meant I couldn’t ride for several months, I decided that I needed some help in topping Angels training up as well as in regaining my confidence because lets face it just being ridden indoors wasn’t much fun for Angel!

I knew of several trainers in my area and did some research, I decided to get in touch with Sam because I liked the fact he wasn’t just for people who wanted to compete or show, I needed help with everyday activities and to really enjoy my horse.

On visiting for the first time I loved the fact that it wasn’t a big bustling yard and that Sam rode every horse in his care. We discussed my worries ,the nice thing was that Sam didn’t  judge me or make me feel incompetent  he simply assured me he could help, so I made arrangements to take Angel over.

In the time that Angel was with Sam she improved so much, becoming much more responsive as well as calmer, Sam hacked her out regularly as well as schooling her in the arena.

The thing that impressed me most was after I had been to hack out with Angel and Sam,he saw how nervous I could get at times, he then adjusted Angels training to suit my riding and I am truly grateful for that, Sam then got to work on my confidence , all I can say is WOW I have never had anyone boost my confidence like Sam did, he took me on hacks I would have avoided on my own, but with Sam by my side giving me instructions through every obstacle we came to, I started believing I could ride past anything, canals, traffic, wind turbines, pigs and blowing plastic, we went past it all.

When we were happy with hacking out I had lessons in the arena, Sam’s patience and ability to explain how to give the correct signals to your horse to get the results you want, in a calm and unflustered way  are second to none and soon I was loping again!

I will just point out here that Sam’s wife Tina is also such a warm and friendly person that you really feel you have known them both for years!

Now Angel is back home, I have been out hacking and loping all in the safe knowledge that both Angel and I, have had some superb coaching and that should I need a pep talk Sam is at the end of the phone!

I have included a facebook status below; this was written on returning home from a hack at Sams:

oh what a great day Ive had! more hacking out confidence gained..cant believe some of the things we ride past and I dont have to get off anymore ..I cant recommend Samuel Magdaleno Ruiz high enough, Ive never known anyone to be able to build trust and confidence in others like Sam does!

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