Sue Forrest

On August 21, 2012

I converted from English to Western Riding in 2003, I bought my first Quarter Horse, found Sam Magdaleno to train me and I haven’t looked back since. Over the years thanks to Sam, I’ve done all the western classes with a variety of excellent horses. Sam has always kept, trained and produced my horses superbly, and due to his sound & sympathetic training of both my horses and myself I have been well placed in all classes winning end of year trophies etc. More recently, I’ve specialised in Reining – Sam trained me to win the British Reining Green as Grass championship in 2007, the BR Rookie in 2008 and the BR Intermediate Non-Pro championship in 2009. I recently bought a wonderful stallion, Southearn Comfort, who stays with Sam from April to September – Sam breeds with him aswell as shows him – Sam has won multiple Open reining awards with him.  I have found a great trainer in Sam Magdaleno, he trains riders to win, he keeps, trains and produces horses to be the best. I keep my stallion with Sam every year knowing he will be well cared for & well trained. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sam Magdaleno as an all-round trainer of horse and rider

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