Janet Roberts

On August 30, 2012

I discovered Southearn Comfort on the AQHA UK stallion web site and contacted Sam, straight away he was extremely helpful and professional.  As my mare was due to come into season in a few days Sam advised me he could either send chilled semen when ready or Cindy could go to Santa Anita and he could watch her to know exactly when was the best time.  We decided to take her there the next day.  Both Cindy and ourselves were given a warm welcome and she was put in a field right in front of the house to enable Sam and his son George to watch her.  Sam gave us a tour of the place and also took us to see 2 of Southearn Comforts 2012 foals.  All too soon it was time to go however it was with a comfortable happy feeling leaving Cindy in a place were I knew she would be comfortable and cared for.

As promised Sam telephoned 2 days later to say she had been scanned and inseminated.  Throughout Cindys’ stay Sam kept us up to date with telephone calls until it was the awaited call to let us know she had been scanned and it was SUCCESS, Cindy was in foal to Southearn Comfort,I do not know who was more excited Sam telling me or  me receiving the fantastic news.  As Cindy would have a 5 hour journey home we decided to leave her with Sam another 2 weeks till the vet could come and listen to the heart beat.

When ever you go to Santa Anita you are welcomed not just by Sam but also his lovely wife Tina and his 3 sons.  Cindy looked so well and cared for that I thought what if she does not want to come home.  Calling to the other horses and getting replies.

We are absolutely thrilled and over the moon that Cindy became in foal to Southearn Comfort first time.  Not only are we pleased with Southearn Comfort we feel very lucky to have found and met Sam, very professional and helpful throughout nothing is too much trouble for him.

Janet Roberts

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