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On August 30, 2012

My name is Gabriele Flad and I’m the owner of Muirhall Quarter Horses in Auchengray, Scotland and 7 Wheel Ranch, Ganinesville, Texas.  I was always very interested in Quarter Horses and Western Riding.  When I met Sam in 2006 it was the beginning of a big friendship and start of obsession with Western Riding and especially reining.

My first horse was a part bred – Highland/Quarter Horse – this mattered not a bit to Sam who treated me and Tonto just as he would a full bred top reining horse and rider – even though I was a true rookie.  That’s when I decided Sam was the trainer for me, and any of my future horses.

Of course, shortly afterwards I started buying Quarter Horses in Germany and the US, with the help of Sam.  With the help of Sam’s experience and knowledge I have bought and sold, in the last 6 years, some amazing horses.

2008 to 2010 my competition horses were based with Sam at his yard in Nottingham and I competed in the UK under Sam’s guiding hand. Sam also successfully has shown some of my horses over the years.  Sam gave me a great start and a lot of confidence allowing me to make a move to owning and competing horses in Texas.  Sam suggested my US trainer – Casey Hinton – who also provides training to Sam when he has a chance to spend time in Texas.  This keeps Sam’s knowledge and experience fresh.

I still feel I need a guiding hand from and the support of Sam when I compete in the US.  Sam travels for my most important competitions to the US to keep me on track.

I have bred many horses of differing temperaments over the years and can confidently say that Sam in his quiet and consistent manner has always been the best trainer to take them through the initial breaking process and throughout their training up until showing.  This never seems to be a stressful experience for them or for Sam.

Owning a stallion, from whom I have bred, I could not have done without Sam’s experience and knowledge in both natural covering and AI.  His understanding of Quarter Horse breeding lines as well as the practicalities of the process have made him an invaluable source of information and guidance.

Last of all, Sam and his family have always welcomed everyone who shows and interest in Quarter Horses or horses in general.  Jay, my oldest son, has just started training with Sam, who took him into his home as a family member as well as training him and his horse Drifty this last summer holidays.

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