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AQHA Professional Horseman Samuel Magdaleno was born in Mexico City and spent most of his childhood working with horses and Bull Riding in the Mexican rodeo circuit. In his early 20’s he moved to the USA working in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. He also worked in Japan, Indonesia and then came to the UK in 1988 to work at the American Adventure Theme Park where he trained all the horses for the shows. He also trained the staff and performed as a lassoo artist and entertainer.

After his time with the American Adventure, he started to work with problem horses and trained many horses here in the UK.  Sam is happy to work with you to resolve any problems or issues you are having.

Throughout his training career he has worked with horses with many different problems and has also worked in many different disciplines ranging from polo horses to driving horses and even racing horses.

In the last 12 years he has been mainly training western horses and shown horses in the UK, and the USA winning numerous awards.

Sam regularly travels to the USA to continue his own western education working with top US Trainers.  Sam is also able to help clients source good quality horses both in the UK and Europe as well as the USA.

Sam also coaches novice/advanced riders and backs and brings on young horses.

Sam is married to Tina, who deals with the day to day administration of the business, and has three children, you’ll often see him with the kids at shows.  It’s a real family business at Santa Anita Western Horses.

We want to encourage people to make the most of their horses, whether it be from showing, or trail riding.  Above all else, it should be fun, and safe!

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